HPH Beteiligungsgesellschaft holds shares in the following companies:


HPH Forestry holding limited

Shareholding: 100%
Managing Director: Holger P. Härter

HPH Forestry holding limited was founded in 2012.
The subsidiary company is active in the field of real estate,
and is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada. This company manages
Canadian real estate, a quarry and many
thousands of hectares of forest, as well as sustainable
forestry operations. The harvested timber is predominantly
exported to North America and China.

HPH Immobilien GmbH

Shareholding: 100%
Managing Director: Holger P. Härter

HPH Immobilien GmbH manages a wide range of properties in Germany. Alongside industrial buildings and a production hall, the company portfolio also includes a retirement home.

Bockfieber GmbH

Shareholding: 51%
Managing Director: Holger P. Härter
Shareholding: 49%
Managing Director: Lena A. Härter

Bockfieber GmbH was established in 2015 and produces
high quality liqueurs. The company stands
for a return to quality, craftsmanship and
indulgence. The individual creations have been laboriously
developed and produced through the perfected art of distillation
using exquisite ingredients. The company was founded
with the introduction of the herb liqueur by
the same name. In mid-2018 the range was expanded to include
the delicious nut liqueur.

“The idea for Bockfieber came about whilst hunting. There are many herb liqueurs. However,
very few are actually really good. A decision was therefore quickly made to change this and
create something unique.”

Spiraltec GmbH

Shareholding:  89.74%
Managing Director: Holger P. Härter

Spiraltec GmbH was founded in 2015 with the
intention of revolutionising water treatment in
the processing industry. The company is able to benefit from close
cooperation with Fumatech BWT GmbH. The first module is suitable for process solution treatment in surface refinement, and achieves the highest recycling rates in acid recovery and outward transfer of metals. This process technology development is currently being adapted for base dialysis.
Further application areas are presently in development.

“It is important to develop new technical procedures from scratch and bring innovative
products to the market, whose benefits one is deeply convinced of.” - Holger P. Härter

Resotec GmbH

Shareholding: 66.25%
Managing Director: Holger P. Härter

Resotec GmbH – an environmental technology start-up – develops a resorption system which produces coldness from waste heat. Industrial water heat, engine heat, solar heat and geothermal heat are effectively used to obtain refrigerating capacities of between 5 and 150 kW. With the absorption technology, temperature ranges below 0 °C can be generated and this cooling capacity can also be saved. With this coldness, food can be cooled or office-spaces can be air-conditioned.


Hadi Teherani

Holger P. Härter holds a 7.5% share

As a versatile architect and designer, Hadi Teherani
stands for work that knows no borders. Renowned projects include
the Cologne Crane Houses, the first “green” railway station in
Germany at Frankfurt Airport for example, as well as
the library in Abu Dhabi.  

A conference table (Thonet), leather seating furniture (Walter Knoll),
a modular kitchen (Poggenpohl) and many further projects
are characterised by his design.

“Hadi Teherani is one of the most creative and pioneering minds in Germany’s design and
architecture landscape. It is fun to allow my expertise to flow into such
a creative environment.” - Holger P. Härter